Framed Manicure – Julep Zora and JulieG Golden Sunset

Hi everyone! I decided to do some subtle nail art in some subtle colors this week. The suggestion for this look came from my mom, who saw a couple colors I swatched and thought it would be nice if I painted my nails with the light pink (Julep Zora) and bordered it with gold (JulieG Golden Sunset). She meant French tips, but I took the idea of “bordered” to the next level and did fully framed nails instead. I’d never done this style before, so it was good to try. They came out really well, and the result looks very sophisticated to me. Besides, it is nice to have less wild nail art for a change sometimes.


I started with a base of Julep Zora: a light pink with a pearlescent shimmer. Most nails required three coats of polish for full opacity, and it was a little tricky to get it on smoothly. I put on some quick-dry top coat and left it on for a day. Here is Zora on its own (please excuse the chip; I bumped into a door before the polish fully dried):

The next day, using a small brush, I free-handed the gold border with JulieG Golden Sunset. It’s a lovely color to behold, with its golden-pink duochrome shift, and it was definitely worth the price. Ignore the “Textured” label on the bottle; this polish is not actually textured.

Have a wonderful day!



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