My inaugural post: warm-colored butterflies

WarmButterfly_julep_laree_saaya_paulette_blakeHi everyone! I’ve decided to start sharing my nail art with the world through this blog. For over a year now, polishing my nails has been a hobby of mine that gives me a creative outlet, and lets me have fun playing with lots of colors. Up until recently, I haven’t shared my nail art with anyone outside of my friends and family, but I now feel like I’ve reached a point where I feel confident enough to share my designs with the broader nail art community. I intend to post pictures of my manis on a weekly-ish basis, and perhaps some tutorials if I feel like I’ve come up with something that I think other people would like to imitate. I hope you enjoy my blog!

My current manicure was inspired by Julep’s May colors. I became a member of Julep’s Maven program a few months ago, and I’m liking the majority of products I’ve purchased from them. I’ve found them to be more durable than average, highly pigmented, and quite good in terms of application. The nail polish doesn’t merit the $14-per-bottle price tag, but Julep does frequently offer promotions or other discounts that lower the price tag to something more appealing.

WarmButterflies_julep_laree_saaya_paulette_blake_2This month, I chose the colors Saaya (orange), Laree (pink), and Paulette (purple) since they just looked gorgeous from the promos. I combined them together in this warm-toned butterfly design, which I think is really cute. I started by painting three coats of Saaya on all my nails, and then used a striper brush to make the butterfly wings in Laree and Paulette. I made the butterfly bodies using Julep Blake, which I bought separately. Saaya was OK formula-wise: it applied nicely, but I did get some bubbles if I applied coats that were too thick. This is definitely a polish that requires careful application.

WarmButterflies_julep_laree_saaya_paulette_blake_3I hope you enjoyed my butterfly look 🙂

– Emi



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